Brian White and Alan Gresty's Ragtimers

Alan Gresty & Brian White’s Ragtimers The band was originally formed to pay tribute to the great cornetist, Muggsy Spanier. Their interpretation of his music had led them to record three volumes of ‘Muggsy Remembered’ for the New Orleans based ‘Jazzology’ label. The repertoire of the band has now been extended to include other material from the Golden Age of Dixieland. 

Dixieland Express

 “Dixieland Express”: the members of the band have all been around for some years, playing alongside many of the big names in the jazz world, and are all well-respected as being experienced, talented and swinging musicians. The band’s music is as good for dancing as it is for listening whether at a jazz club or at a party. The band members all got their inspiration from the great masters of classic New Orleans jazz, and take a delight in swinging in the best Dixieland tradition....

A Salute to Trad Jazz

Chris Walker has for over 30 years presented a weekly Jazz Programme broadcast by radio stations all over the world. However he is also a very fine musician and was a founder member of the famous Real Ale and Thunder Band, and performed many T.V appearances for the BBC.

A while ago he decided to get back to his roots and recreate the hit tunes of the British “Trad Jazz” boom of the 50’s and 60’s. To do this he formed The Pedigree Jazz Band. 

Bateman Brothers Jazz Band

Having been involved with many Louis Armstrong tributes over the years, Ian felt that nobody had done it properly, for want of a better word. Playing the tunes that Louis played wasn't enough. This was usually because of the styles of the musicians within a band being a limitation on recreating a particular sound. So, Ian set out to form a band and select musicians who were right for the part, rather than just picking mates - a difficult thing to do but the right thing to do. Ian sat down for tw

Slide By Slide

The formation of Slide by Slide is the brainchild of Kevin Grenfell who has enrolled the musical talents of fellow trombonist Richard Leach, and in the rhythm section a dazzling array of musicianship with Graham Smith on drums, John Fellows on bass and Rod Kelly on piano. The texture and timbre of Kevin and Richard's individual playing styles give their repertoire a depth and tone that's sure to please, with titles ranging from the traditional songbook through to the contemporary.

The Sopranos

The Sopranos is an exciting six piece jazz band, formed in 2014 by reeds men Chris Pearce and Andy Leggett, playing a wide variety of swinging jazz with influences ranging from New Orleans, to Arlo Guthrie, via Sydney Bechet, Johnny Dodds and Jimmy Noone.
Despite the name, the band's performances feature Chris and Andy playing a full range of reed instruments including soprano, alto and tenor sax, clarinet, and even some penny whistle and vocals too. 

Shades of Jazz

The band just goes from strength to strength and the musicians play together as if they played every night of the year. Graham originally put this band together for a one off performance in order to enjoy playing with musicians that he and Jim Douglas wanted to perform with – their aim being to provide an eclectic mix of music. Such was their success they are now in demand to perform as an ensemble on a more regular basis.